Call for Posters & Presentations

Since the original posting below, we have had submissions from a fantastic array of speakers. As a result we have a fabulous programme of lectures planned for Friday evening & Saturday daytime. 
But we still need POSTERS!

There are plenty of topics that could be covered in a poster and there are some great ideas below. So if you have a personal family story or have done some of your own research on some aspect of the Gleeson family, why not write it up into a poster so we can put it up on the walls of the Scouts' Hall as part of the Friday & Saturday events. 
We could also turn it into a blog post for this website. 
And we could also publish it in the "Proceedings of the Gleeson Clan Gathering 2016".

Please have a look at some of the ideas below (new ones added in blue) and send your poster ideas to us at


News: 21 September 2015
Gleeson Clan Gathering

Nenagh & Silvermines, North Tipperary 19-22 August 2016

Call for short presentations

Expressions of Interest are invited for short papers (maximum 15 minutes) at the proposed Gleeson Clan Gathering in Nenagh, August 2016.

The organisers are considering two sessions where a diverse range of presentations can be made to increase our knowledge of the Gleesons (Saturday morning; Monday morning) NB: The afternoons and evenings will feature tours, visits, social events.
Keynote speakers confirmed include Danny Grace, a prominent Tipperary historian, who will deliver the Dermot F. Gleeson Memorial Lecture; and, Dr Maurice Gleeson, an international expert and leader in DNA testing and new discoveries in genealogical research.

We welcome contributions from family members, genealogists, local historians, and academics. There are no boundaries to the topics which may focus on individuals or families; themes, such as emigration, religion; events, such as the 1840s Famine. If you can show linkages back to North Tipperary, this will be of considerable interest to the audience.

Some ideas for consideration might include:
  • Historical overview of the O’Glasain (Gleeson) Sept
  • Gleeson involvement in the 1641 Revolution at Silvermines
  • Early Gleeson records: church, land, family bibles, family charts
  • Dominance of Gleesons in Tipperary North Riding
  • Migration to other counties, e.g. Limerick, Kilkenny, Offaly
  • Evelyn Gleeson (1855-1944), Dun Emer Press
  • Paddy Jerome Gleeson Battle Axe: Mayor of Long Island City
  • John Gleeson Solicitor: Father of the legal profession in Munster 
  • William Gleeson: Gleeson Works (Corporation), Rochester, New York
  • Gleeson nicknames, e.g. Gleeson helpers: fact or fiction
  • Diaspora – Glee(ea)sons in the United States, Canada, England, New
    Zealand, Australia etc.
  • Irish Gleesons who served in the British Army
  • Gleesons of Garryard and Erinagh
  • Marriage and land holdings in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Gleesons who became Freemasons
  • Connections with other families, e.g. Kennedy, O’Brien, Ryan.
  • The impact of the 1840s Famine on Gleeson land holdings in North Tipperary
  • Emigration to NSW and Victoria in the 19th century
  • Diaries, e.g. Stephen Gleeson of Boherguela, Co Limerick
  • Morty Gleeson Jack, Ballinoe, Silvermines & Chiltern, Victoria.
  • Fr John Gleeson, historian
  • Fr Francis Gleeson, Chaplain to Munster Fusiliers
  • Fr William Gleeson, missionary
  • Gleeson contributions to non-Catholic denominations
  • Gleesons of New York, Liverpool, other cities
  • Tips on using Irish genealogical records online and when visiting archives and libraries in Dublin
  • Genealogical sources at The Source: Tipperary County Library, Thurles
  • Literature, education and the law: natural attractions for Gleesons? 
  • Gleeson's who died in World War 1
  • Gleeson's who took part in the Easter Rising 1916
  • 100 years ago this year - Gleeson's born in 1916
  • What were your Gleeson ancestors doing in 1916? - tell us their stories & honour their names

    To enquire or to send a brief outline of a proposed talk, please contact the organisers at:  Closing date: 30 November 2015
    Thank you
    (on behalf of Organising Committee) 

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