Thursday, 1 October 2015


Welcome to the website for the Gleeson Clan Gathering!

Next Gathering: August 19-23, 2016, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Thanks to all who have expressed interest in the 2016 Gleeson Clan Gathering, with strong interest from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales).

The principal organisers – Michael Gerald Gleeson, Dr Maurice Gleeson, Margaret Sullivan and Betty Gleeson - have tried to meet the most suitable time of the year for the majority. They even considered and avoided the All Ireland Hurling Final which hopefully will see Tipperary worthy winners!

Gleeson Clan Gathering 2016 is scheduled to run in North Tipperary, based in Nenagh, from Friday 19 August to Monday 22 August inclusive. The organisers are busy liaising with government and community organisations to produce a great historical, social, and cultural event.

Costs will be kept to a minimum, but there may be fees to cover the costs of venue and or meals.

As per the clear preference, attendees will arrange their own accommodation (suggestions will be provided) and transport.

A programme of activities will be available in the next few months and updates to the programme will be posted below.

Visitors from New Zealand and Australia, who have not previously travelled to Ireland, are advised to allow time to recuperate from the very long journey (about 26-40 hours depending on flights and routes).