Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Look who's coming?!

With only a few days to go before the Gathering, here is a breakdown of the people who are definitely coming and have pre-booked. Not everyone has pre-booked, so we can expect a sizeable proportion more than those mentioned below. And we expect many of the local people to come out on the day itself, many of them no doubt lured by the promise of FREE DNA TESTS!!

Keep an eye on the special Facebook group for photos, videos, and updates. And if you are coming to the Gathering, be sure to upload your own photos to it - that's why it was set up ...

Join the Facebook group - it's open to the Public

Ninety people have pre-booked so we will expect to have well over 100 people at the Gathering. We have at least 31 people coming from Ireland, 22 from the UK, 23 from the US, 8 from Australia, 2 each from Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland, and one from Hong Kong. What a diverse group we Gleeson's are! It will be an honour to welcome all our attendees, both local and from foreign shores.

Fifty seven people have pre-booked for the Friday Evening Lecture followed by the cheese & wine reception. And a further 46 will be attending the Saturday Lecture Programme, culminating with the free public lecture from the Justice for Harry Gleeson group.

The tours are filling up nicely and 18 people have already pre-booked the tour of Silvermines Village with Michael O'Brien on Sunday, followed by lunch at Tom Hickey's. I suspect that some might never leave the pub. That will be a long Sunday!

On Monday, we have at least 15 people joining us on our Day Trip to Thurles, including Holycross Abbey and the Rock of Cashel. And all these activities are part of National Heritage Week  - no better time to celebrate our Gleeson heritage.

Visitors to the Gathering from far-flung places like the States, Canada, Australia and Dublin may have some difficulty being understood by the locals because of the difference in accents between the various places.

However, help is at hand thanks to a local man from Borrisoleigh. Paddy O'Connell has invented a spray that can help you be understood virtually anywhere in Ireland.

Just one puff of the spray at the back of your throat will convert your accent instantly to an understandable brogue very akin to the accent from north Cork. The spray works by virtue of the fact that it tastes absolutely terrible (ignore the advertising) and just one puff is enough to make you want to gag. Scientists have shown that this reflex action actually contorts the shape of the larynx, thus converting the accent (naturally) into something similar to what you might hear in North Cork.

The spray is being offered at a discounted price to those attending the Gathering - just contact Paddy and use the code GCG2016.

Don't say we don't bend over backwards to make things easy for you.


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